Welcome to all of our new and returning students! What a year it’s been!

We wish all of our students the very best of luck for the new academic year – we want you to enjoy your course, meet new friends, stay alert and stay safe.

As you know, we will be delivering a hybrid course programme to everyone this year, ensuring that social distancing is adhered to as best we can. As such, you will only be on campus for two days each week until restrictions are lifted. You only need to wear a facemask on the buses and in our cafes, and try to go outside as much as you can during your breaks.

Have a great year – we look forward to seeing you across campus!

Covid-19 Update for the Autumn Term

Face coverings and PPE etc

Guidance continues to only consider face coverings in certain situations, and these continue to be at the discretion of the organisation. We are only mandating face coverings for staff and students in the canteen/cafe areas and on transport. Guidance in classrooms is similar to before; if students or staff wish to wear them, this is a matter of personal choice, but please be mindful of any negative impacts this may have on communication for those who are hearing impaired or like most people, simply benefit from the full range of facial cues.

Additional PPE use is not recommended at this time and any non-standard purchases are not recommended either.


One way systems are required due to the format of the estate. The risk of student transmission in corridors is very low indeed. However, students should be encouraged to minimise social activity outside their immediate class/dept.

As per guidance teachers should deliver where appropriate from the front of the classroom if that type of room is being used. Practical or more personalised work should continue as normal with social distancing where possible. Where this is not possible, face coverings etc are still not recommended at this time. This matches DfE guidance.


Visitors should report to reception as usual and they will be given further guidance at that point regarding on site protocols.

Symptomatic work colleague or student

If someone develops symptoms the attached procedure should be followed to mitigate risk and ensure welfare of the individual. Testing of other people than the student or symptomatic is not required, nor is isolating unless symptoms develop.

Cleaning regimes and sanitation

Enhanced cleaning by the estates teams will focus on sanitisation of frequently used and touched areas. In addition to this wipes will be provided for classrooms and students should be requested to both sanitise hands before and after lessons and wipe down their desk. Classroom teachers will manage this process but resources will be procured centrally. Information regarding sanitiser points and procurement is attached. Shared tools for certain activities will be cleaned as per individual department guidance.

For those in administrative areas with much less public footfall, simply manage your own personal hygiene and use common sense cleaning as you feel is appropriate to wipe down your keyboards and the like, which will supplement the cleaning team’s work.